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2020 - That was a year, that was...

A Chiltern Christmas is almost upon us. Things are winding down at Sound Marketing HQ. Phrases like ‘loose ends’ and ‘clearing the decks’ spring easily to the lips as the ‘last’ phone calls are made, the ‘last’ coffees are swallowed, and the ‘last’ emails sent. The traffic outside is sparse - just empty buses, tractors and masked-shoppers making ‘essential’ trips to the alcohol aisles of Princes Risborough...

The chances of seeing Jupiter crossing paths with Saturn tonight look pretty dismal under this blanket of cloud. Apparently, this conjunction happens every four hundred years. Under normal circumstances (remember those?) this astronomical diversion would have set pulses racing, but a certain numbness has descended since Saturday’s depressing announcements. We’re still going to look, though. Just in case. You never know, the sight of two heavenly bodies conjoining might lift the spirits. If not, there’s always the other spirits.

There’s nothing profound to be said about the consigning of 2020 to the past. No-one needs to be told anything, there are no new angles, no suggestions and no instructions. The handbook for life as we knew it was torn up, and so, since there is no choice but to begin writing another one, we might as well get on with it.

We’re looking forward to next year. It’ll be different of course - the days of taking anything for granted are long gone - but there are reasons to at least hope for an upturn in everyone’s fortunes. Our clients have faced turbulent times with great determination. For some, the technologies with which they are involved, have been at the heart of enabling people to carry on and adapt to new practices in the workplace. In the commercial world, in the education sector and in those parts of the entertainment arena that continue to function, the companies we work for have provided the ideas, the designs and the means to keep things moving forward. Times have been bleak, but ingenuity has come to the fore and much has been learned.

In a year that saw us diversify into working for clients in the spheres of PPE, accountancy and bookkeeping, nothing will surprise us in 2021. If your business has a message for the wide world, we’re here.

And as Noddy Holder said:

“Look to the future now, it’s only just begun...”

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