Steph Lambley Dell

Managing Director

& Marketing Consultant

Steph has more than twenty years experience in the AV industry. She worked in management, administration, distribution and sales and marketing, before creating Sound Marketing, and enjoys strong relationships within every sector of the technology industry. Always attentive to technological advances, Steph has a thorough understanding of all the  products and services she represents.

Content Director

& Copywriter

John Dexter Jones

An Honours graduate in Education, JDJ is a professional writer and musician. More than thirty years in the business have honed his understanding of the technical and artistic sides of the music industry. His experience translates into a creative and ready feel for the marketplace and his work appears in countless industry publications.

Public Relations Ambassador

Percy the Puggle

With no qualifications to speak of and a penchant for sleeping during the day, you might imagine that Percy’s contribution to the team is minimal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Percy is the epitome of the public relations expert. Calming, affable and always good with people, he has all the necessary skills.  

 TEL: 01494 501133 
Princes Risborough,
HP27 0NN
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