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Christmas Special! Sound Marketing SMS

Welcome to the Sound Marketing Short Message which we tackle the white-hot issues of the day...Here we present a Christmas Special where, on this, the twelfth day of the advent calendar, MD Steph Dell answers key questions about the festive season.

Christmas in 3 words means...

- Family, Food, Friends

When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?

- What do you mean?

What is your Christmas message to your clients?

- We are really lucky to work with some of the most amazing companies and brands, most of whom have been with us since the beginning. I would like to thank them for their business and wish them a very happy new year. The whole SM team are looking forward to an interesting and exciting 2019…

At what unearthly hour will you be expected to rise on Christmas Morning?

- Hopefully not before 6am as my children still like their beds but if they don’t get up by 6am, I will drop something loudly outside their bedrooms so we can begin the day and see if he’s been…. :0)

It’s the school Christmas raffle and there are two prizes left on the table. One is book token and one is a bottle of Prosecco. You have a winning ticket. Do you A: Saunter down the room and grab the bottle or B: Dawdle reluctantly to the table and pick up the book token?

- Really? You need to ask? FIZZ all the way!

What is your favourite Christmas film and approximately how many times have you watched it?

- It’s changed over the years but National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a favourite funny and it must be in the hundreds...It’s a Wonderful Life is always good too. Oh and for a Chrismas Eve movie - Home Alone– it’s too hard to choose one favourite!

As someone who has acted professionally, in which Christmas TV special would you like to appear? Doctor Who, Call the Midwife or Victoria. Why?

- What a choice…it would have to be Doctor Who so I could work with the first woman Doctor - she is awesome and I would love to get my hands on the sonic screwdriver #geekalert

Real tree or fake tree? Why?

- Real tree, I love the smell. But it has to be perfect. In colour, size and symmetry (purchasing of the tree can take a while, much to the dismay of my family).

Christmas Cards - genuine display of affection or tedious chore?

- CHORE!!!!! I love Christmas but I hate the Christmas card thing… I see no problem with sending them to people you don’t see all year but not everyone and anyone. They are a waste of paper, they blow over every time the door or window is opened and my children want to write them to everyone in their school. Once again this year, we are giving to our favourite charity.

You have tickets for you and your children to attend the Christmas Pantomime at your local theatre. Do you A: Take noise-cancelling headphones and listen to electronic dance music...B: Join in with the general screaming and shouting...or C: Bribe someone else to take them.

- Embrace it, the kids love it and I’m never one to be quiet!

It is 6pm on Christmas Day. Describe the scene in 5 words...

- Satisfied, Family, Doctor Who, Relax!

When the tree finally comes down and 2019 is with us...what will it hold for Sound Marketing?

- Over the past year or so we have been putting in place the building blocks for growth - new premises, new people, new skills and a new website. On the 2nd of January when we return to the office it is all systems go for a fabulous and full 2019.

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